LivePerson – Quality Analyst

Deloreen is an invaluable contributor to my team, who constantly wows me with her resourcefulness and quiet tenacity. You can tell her the problem or process that requires a solution, the time frame in which it needs to be implemented, and she will quickly respond with a few options to consider. Deloreen's business-minded intuition - which I spotted in the interview process - means she is already on the same page or looking ahead to spot opportunities and roadblocks. She's irreplaceable!
Whitney Darmstadt - Global Quality Manager,
LivePerson - Contact at Once!

Western Governors University - Business IT Management Undergraduate Student

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Deloreen. I have known Deloreen Pond for the past year in my work with her as her student mentor. As a student mentor, I interacted with Deloreen on a weekly basis to discuss coursework, university resources, and overall progress in her studies as she worked through her Business Undergrad in IT Management degree. Throughout my interactions with Deloreen, I have found her to be very cheerful, intelligent, and hard working. Deloreen planned, set her priorities, and went above and beyond to consistently finish her course work successfully and ahead of schedule. The independent nature of her studies required dedication, resilience and determination. Deloreen brings a wealth of knowledge and personal attributes that would make her an asset to any team!    
Karen Sparks - Student Mentor (Academic Advisor),
Western Governors University

BlueRock Alkemi - Executive Virtual Assistant Services

I have enjoyed working with Deloreen over the past 12 months as an Executive Virtual Assistant. Deloreen has been a trustworthy, reliable and efficient person to work with and I would be happy to recommend her for any similar role. She is very savvy with technology, the Internet and Social Media. She coached me through getting the most out of Twitter and was able to literally develop a WordPress site for our company using themes.
Nathan Stewart - CEO,
BluRock Alkemi