About Deloreen

Hello, my name is Deloreen O. Pond. (Hint my first name is pronounced: “Del-oh-reen”).

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Information Technology Management. I also have CompTIA Project+, CompTIA A+ and Microsoft MTA – Database Fundamentals and Microsoft MTA – Networking Fundamentals certificates. I am interested in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Consulting.

I have a strong attention to detail, great time management, and excellent organizational skills. I have excellent verbal and written communication, therefore, I am able to communicate well with both clients and co-workers. Thanks to my technological savvy and education, I can handle both business and technical tasks with ease. I am results-oriented and enjoy using my critical and analytical thinking to solve complex problems and finding the best solutions.

I am equal parts left brained and right brained. I am able to look at a problem from a logic point of view, break it down, analyze it and find a creative solution that best suits the situation. I am just as comfortable working with customers and clients, as I analyzing large amounts of data and information. I would love an opportunity that will help me best utilize my knowledge, skills, and abilities.